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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Finding Accommodation in the Asian Games

Following on from our post on Cheap Hotels in Qatar, we look at the availability of hotel rooms during the Qatar Asian Games.

“It’s gonna be really tough, really tough for the whole of November and December,” said David, Sales Executive at Sofatel Hotel (details below), solemnly, before admitting that yes, they did still have some rooms available.

We were talking about accommodation in the Asian Games. Rumours that there are no rooms left in Doha maybe exaggerated, as I found out when I visited some hotels this morning. Howver, you will have a tough time finding in a room in any top range hotels. Sealine beach resort, for example, is now fully booked from 9th – 15th December despite being in the middle of nowhere. Your best bet will probably be with the smaller and cheaper hotels mentioned in our previous post.

Also expect to pay a lot more than normal. Doha Palace Hotel (details below) normally charge 500 ($140) riyals for a single rooms, and 700 ($190) for a double. However, during November and December they will be charging 1000 ($270) and 1200 ($330) respectively. (They still had rooms availaible). Sofatel refused (very politely) to give me any prices directly.

If you are looking for a hotel room, you may be in competition. I met the first secretary of the Indonesian Embassy at a party recently, and he very gloomily told me that they were having a terrible time finding accommodation. Indonesian residents here, he told me, are even putting up journalists on their living rooms floors. Hopefully, you’ll find somewhere a little more comfortable.

Hotel details:

Doha Palace Hotel Tel: +974 4360101 Fax 4423955

Mercure (everyone calls it Sofatel!) Tel: +974 4462005 Fax: + 974 443 9186

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