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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Renting outside Doha

One answer to Doha's exorbitant rents can be to live a little out of town, and I know a number of people who commute to nearby Al Wakra. Villas advertised in the Gulf Times today were in a price range of QR5500 - 6500 ($1500-1800) for two to three bedroom villas in a compound with a swimming pool and fitness club.

Unfortunately it means having to live in Umm Slal, which, after you have seen its forts, is about as exciting as watching paint dry. Still, the equivalent in Doha would get you a one bedroom flat (if you're lucky), so it could be well worth it.

Umm Slal is close to Doha, although traffic could be bad in rush hour. If you are interested get down to the Exhibition Centre before the end of today or check out the advertiser's website: www.almourouj.com.

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