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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Qatar Airways: Five Star?

Qatar Airways, the "five star airline" has won three new skytrax awards: best airline in the Middle East, best Cabin Crew and best first class in the world.

I have to admit I am getting tired of Qatar Airways five star claims. I was especially annoyed during a recent flight with them. While flying we had to watch their advertisement, which included their interactive entertainment system. We didn't have any choice over to whether to watch it or not, because this was one of the flights where they didn't have an interactive entertainment system.

Normally I wouldn't complain - I am lucky to be able to travel by plane. But it's not five star.

Worse, however, was the fact there was no soap in the toilets. I particularly felt this because my one year old had diarrhoea. This wasn't due to the baby meal, because they had forgotten it. The time before they had forgotten the child meal.

Although they remembered the child meal, the container was so hot we burnt our fingers on it. There was a bag of crisps - our child had one and burst into tears because they were spicy.

Qatar Airways is not a terrible airline, but they seem to struggle with anything out of the ordinary. It certainly doesn't compare to the best airlines I've flown with. I'd personally rate it as three star rather than five star.

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