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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cost of Living: Budget Indian Restaurants in Qatar

The Cheapest Food in Qatar

It’s been a few months since we did any posts on the cost of living, and with inflation still sky high we thought it was time to start again.

This time we are going to look at the cheapest way to eat out in Qatar. If you are Indian – especially if you are from Kerela – there is good news for you. Without a doubt Indian food, much of it from Kerala, often provides the best value there is around.

In addition to the table below, many residents choose to pay a restaurant monthly. QR250 to 300 will buy you two meals a day for a month in a typical Indian restaurant.

Before we hit you with our list of prices, it is worth noting that there are plenty of medium and high class Indian restaurants. (We particularly recommend the Chingari Indian restaurant in the Ramada – see our restaurant reviews here.) However, the focus of this post is on budget food rather than the range of cuisine available.

For comparison purposes, exchange rates at time of writing: 1 Qatar Riyal is equal to 27 US cents, 11 Indian Rupees or 12 Filipino Pesos. However, exchange rates can change rapidly, and if you want to be totally sure of the prices use our Universal Currency Converter.

Prices may vary from place to place!


Price (Qatar Riyals)

Briyani rice QAR 5
Chicken Briyani QAR 8
Chicken curry QAR 7
Mutton Curry QAR 8
Mutton Briyani QAR 8
ParathaQAR 1 (2 pieces)
Sandwich (any type) QAR 2
Whole chicken (small) QAR 15
Whole chicken (large) QAR 25
Kubus (Arabic bread) QAR 1/packet
Fried fish QAR 5
Idli (steamed rice cake) QAR 1/piece
4 Idli + sambal + chutney QAR 5
Dosa QAR 1
Onion dhosa QAR 3.5

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