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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cost of Living in Qatar: Household Items

In our latest post on the Cost of Living in Qatar we have a look at the cost of household items. The prices here are taken from the supermarket Family Food, which is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive shop in Doha (you'll find cheaper in Carrefour in City Centre or Villagio Mall.)

For comparison purposes, exchange rates at time of writing: 1 Qatar Riyal is equal to 27 US cents, 11 Indian Rupees or 12 Filipino Pesos. However, exchange rates can change rapidly, and if you want to be totally sure of the prices use our Universal Currency Converter.

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Household Items

Price in Qatar Riyals

Price in US Dollars

Washing powder 4 kg 23.506.45
Washing up liquid 1 litre 7.752.10
Ordinary bulb 20.60
Floor Cleaner 2 litres 12.253.35
Hair gel 102.75
Shampoo 450ml 7.752.10
Soap 41
Tooth paste (colgate) 6.251.70
Colgate Mouthwash 205.50
Tea (100 bags) 92.50
Coffee (100 grammes) 123.30
6 Boxes of tissues 143.85
Toilet paper (8 pieces) 14.504
Nappies (pack of 64) 5415
Baby wipes 123.30
Baby formula (Aptamil 3) 3810.50