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Friday, April 18, 2008

Changes to Qatar Sponsorship system

There were dramatically different accounts of what will happen to the sponsorship system in Qatar in Gulf Times and the Peninsula today.

According to the Gulf Times there is to be little change in the sponsorship law, and expatriates hoping for liberalisation of sponsership rules - which currently break international conventions, and have been criticised by the US as encouraging people trafficking - will be disappointed.

One of the so-called changes, removing the right of the employer to retain the employees passport, was already included in Qatar Labour Law, and in any case makes little difference when the employee does not have the right to leave the country without an exit permit.
Intriguingly, the Peninsula has a completely different interpretation:

"The exit permit system is all set to be removed under a new sponsorship regime, suggests the draft of the proposed legislation..."

Expats discussing the law on Qatar Living seem to have accepted the Gulf Times story, and the lack of proposed change has sparked anger, with expats wondering whether they should continue to support the Olympics Games Bids, and questioning the purpose of recent conferences held in Qatar on democracy and human rights.

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