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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The National Anthem of Qatar

This is not our first post on the Qatar National Anthem - we have the tune of the anthem, with the lyrics below - but it is not very satifying not being able to listen to the words. So we have provided movies of the anthems below. The first one is not great quality, having being downloaded from YouTube, edited, and then uploaded again (and being recompressed) but we chose it because the sound was clear. The second was recorded by us at the recent world cup qualifying match between Bahrain and Qatar. As this was a totally original movie we were able to host it on Vimeo, which often provides better quality movies than YouTube.

Qatar National Anthem at the Asian Games

The National Anthem of Qatar at the Bahrain v. Qatar Game

A Qatar Football Crowd sings the Qatar National Anthem from qatar visitor on Vimeo.

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