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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Working in Qatar: Check out the company first!

The Indian Embassy in Qatar has urged workers to check out companies'credentials before accepting positions in Qatar. According to Sindh Today, the advice followed a case in which a hundred recently recruited Indian employees had to return home after a company lost the contract for which they had been recruited. Not only did they return empty handed - the majority of them had paid Rs.50,000 to Rs.60,000 to a recruiting agent in India to get the positions in the first place. The newspaper went on to quote Sanjiv Kohli, minister at the Indian embassy, as saying:

This is not the first or the last case in which people are cheated by recruitment agencies.

In our article on jobs, Getting a job in Qatar, we advise workers to avoid small and recently set up companies where possible. You are less likely to get problems with a large well established company or with a government position. While this may not also be possible, you should also research your company as far as is possible. In addition to doing an internet search on the company that will be recruiting you, there are many expatriate forums where locals have a wealth of knowledge which they are willing to share. A little bit of research could save a lot of expense, hassle and heart break later on.

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