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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby left behind!

One of our forum members was devastated recently when she had to leave her baby behind in the Philippines. 

The young mother was on maternity leave in the Philippines. She made extensive enquiries into the visa situation for a baby and was told repeatedly that she did not need to have a visa for a new baby. 

However, upon arrival at the airport Qatar Airways informed her that she could not take the baby with her:

According to them, there was one incident 3 weeks back that the baby was sent back to the philippines simply because the airport immigration denied the baby to enter here in qatar. Qatar airways personnel informed me that the immigration captain on duty told them i should be under my husband sponsorship for them to allow my baby(less than 3 months old) to enter qatar without needing a visa.
All the advice we have received states that young mothers can bring new born children into the baby. However, after this incident it is probably better to play safe, and get a visa for your child prior to entry. 

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