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Friday, November 28, 2008

Change in the Weather

We stepped out as usual this morning, planning to head to the Corniche for our usual Friday morning picnic - only to stop in surprise.

Instead of the usual sunshine we found an overcast sky already spotting rain.

We headed down to the Rumeila Park hoping to take shelter in the trees if it poured.

Water at Rumeila Park

Despite or because of the gloomy skies everyone was enjoying the park.

"Lovely weather," said a couple of passerbys. In a country where there are only a few millimetres of rain a year, residents look forward to a bit of drizzle just as the Brits look forward to their few rare days of sunshine.

The play ground at Al Bidda
Certainly this young girl was having a whale of time, scooting along the pathways of Al Bidda park with the Doha skyline the background...

Having fun in the park.
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