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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pure Yellow Desert???

Quite recently I wrote a post commenting on an article written in the Telegraph - Qatar: Land of Sand and Chocolates.

I was particularly suprised about the writer's impressions of the view from the Ritz:

The next morning I was excited to see what lay outside. Pulling back the curtains I wasn’t sure what to expect. The result was a surprise. Pure, yellow desert and sandy nothingness. For miles. Land, seemingly meeting the sky. It was beautiful in its starkness.

I was pretty critical of this comment, as it did not match my memories of the West Bay area. However, I hadn't visited the area for a while and I had the worrying thought (worrying as in it might make me look an idiot) that things might have changed dramatically - perhaps sand had been flown in from the Sahara Desert (well, you never know...)

Things hadn't changed though, so I took this photo as proof. Before you do see it, I should add that the grounds of the Ritz Carlton are superb, it's got a great reputation, fantastic views of the sea and I would have no trouble reccomending it for a visit.

It isn't, however, surrounded by miles of white sand...

Note - the Ritz is circled in black.

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