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Monday, December 01, 2008

Business not as usual...

Business are being turfed out of the Sheraton Hotel and members of its sports club are moaning this week as the hotel is cleared for the United Nations conference on development.

However, there is plenty on for residents - if they can navigate round the frequently closed roads, which are regularly cleared for passing dignities.

They also need to watch out for police who aren't always the brightest of the bunch - I saw one nearly get knocked over after steppiong into the middle of the road with his colleague, without looking, to have a quick conference.

At least residents in Qatar are used to roads being closed without warning, whether to allow VIPS to escape the usual traffic snarl or at the whim of workmen who rarely think of warning signs at the top of a closed off road.

On the positive side, in addition to the ongoing events at the Pearl, The Islamic Museum will finally be open for residents today. We plan to go along in a few days when things have quitenend down a bit.

Later on this month (14th and 17th December) we are also hoping to check out a photo exhibition of Qatar's history taking place at the Qatar Expedition Center, and during Eid Al Adha you can watch Spiderman scale La Cigale. (We said before that this wouldn't prove much of a challenge to a man who has attempted some of the tallest buildings in the world - but after a second glance La Cigale doesn't seem to offer a climber much to hold onto!)

In the meantime, you may want to browse through the pictures of the Islamic Museum which is being held close to the Sheraton Hotel. You may think you have seen enough images of the Islamic Museum, but some of the photographs are simply superb. (You can also see a number of them on flickr!)

Who knows - you might even run into Mugabe, who is here to complain about Western sanctions as usual. I have one friend from Zimbabwe who would certainly welcome the chance...

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