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Monday, December 08, 2008

Eid Mubarrak!!!

We celebrate the first day of Eid with an excellent article by Yousra Abdelaal. In Eid Frenzy, Yousra looks at the frenzied preparations that take place in Qatar prior to the festival, and joins in at the henna salon.

Meanwhile, a question we posed (not entirely seriously) in 2006 is still arousing comment.

What does a vegetarian Muslim sacrifice?

Zizi replied:

The vegetarian sacrifices anything special to him.
Not so, answers Shahd, who believes that while a Muslim vegetarian is not required to eat meat, he or she should still make the sacrifice.

Normally, the vegetarian can sacrifice a sheep, goat, or whatever it is he pleases and he can give out the meat as sadaqa (charity), but no, i don't think there is a vegetarian tradition in islam since muslims can't prevent themselves from anything that allah has granted!
I wasn't even sure that there were such a thing as Vegetarian muslims, but a quick internet search put me right.

The International Vegetarian Union spreads the news of a Muslim-vegetarian society, with an emphasis on Islamic compassion towards animals. the page carries a number of quotes from the Quran and Hadiths regarding animals. See Islamic Duty of Compassion towards Animals.

Meanwhile, Enlightenment Next carries on article on how Muslims are becoming vegetarians because of factory farms breaking Muslims laws on the treatments of animals.

Neither, unfortunately, answer our original question. So if you can enlighten us, leave a comment, or head over to the Qatar Living forum to argue the matter out!

Also see: Eid Ul Adha

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