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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Internet Cables Go Again

Internet speeds slowed to a crawl yesterday, with a number of users complaining about speed. (At Qatar Visitor we were tearing our hair out!)

The fault, it seems, was due to three internet cables being severed.

Qtel proudly boasted that Qatar wasn't really affected.

“There is no major impact for Qatar’s communication services as we have many cable operators,” said Adel Al Mutawa, executive director of Group Communication, QTel.

They then went on to say that the loss of capacity in Qatar was kept below 47 percent due to Qatar’s robust Internet strategy. (Source: Peninsula.)

Hang on - a 47% decrease in capacity is a major disruption in my book!

Or perhaps we notice it more because the quality of the Internet connection in the richest country in the world is so poor anyway.

The standard internet connection in Qatar is a pathetic 500 kbs - compared to an average of 57 mbs in Japan.

Hopefully we won't see a repeat of what happened in February of this year, when the Qatar internet slowed down to a crawl for a week or more as internet cable after internet cable was snapped - see our post on Qatar Internet then!

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