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Sunday, December 07, 2008

It Rains in Qatar - and the Desert Blooms

A cloudy sky above Souq Waqif in Qatar

Rain in Doha

A dramatic change to the weather has seen thunder and rain in the capital city, with thick grey clouds spreading across Doha's normally clear blue skies.

This is good news for a country which has just a few centimetres of water a year, and comes shortly after the Emir joined in the annual prayers for rain.

Desert Flowers

The desert, after a dry winter last year, should also start to bloom.

Vivid yellow flowers in the Qatar desert.

Which is handy, as our latest article, The Desert Blooms, is now ready. We were going to bring it out on the tenth, but with the rain hitting we have brought forward the release a few days.

In the article Frances Gillespie, author of Discovering Qatar, takes a walk in the desert after a rain, exploring the animals, plants and lizards that live there.

The article is accompanied by vivid pictures of Qatar's desert flowers by David Gillespie.

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