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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Qatar Petroglyphs

In her latest article for Qatar Visitor, Carvings in the Rock, Frances Gillespie looks at the rock art that is carved into the limestone rocks of Qatar around the area of Jabal Al Jassasiya.

Scorpion like creatures crawls across the rocks in this photo from Jabal Al Jassasiya.
It is tempting to use the cliche "ancient rock carvings" when descibing them, but at least some of these carvings seem to have been made hundreds rather than thousands of years ago, judging from the features that adorn some of the boats. It is not always clear, though, whether these features were included in the original design of the boats or whether they were added on at a later date.

Nor is it clear why some of the carvings were made in the first place, especially those with parallel range of cup marks. In the article Frances looks at the different theories for the creation of the petroglyphs - and at the holes in the theories!

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