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Monday, February 09, 2009

Qatar Courtesy

by Jean

I am just home from my second visit to Qatar -where I had a really wonderful time. I saw so many things, from camels to cakes, to the Inland Sea and stunning flights of thousands of cormorants - and in the process got very close to some sand dunes.

The one constant thing that I noticed, from the start of my flight out with Qatar Airways to my boarding my return flight some 9 days later, was the unfailing courtesy extended to me as a woman.

Shopkeepers in the souks, in Villagio, Carrefour, and the wholesale vegetable and fish markets (another amazing treat) were unfailingly polite and helpful. At one shop the cosmetic counter girl did not have the product I wanted, and went then to all the others to try and find it!

I am slightly disabled, and the airline staff seated me in an aisle seat, near the toilets, and
enquired if all was well on more than one occasion. They also ensured that as there was space on the plane I had maximum space I will definitely travel with them rather than Emirates on my already much anticipated next trip.

They were also exceedingly patient with a gentleman who wanted three seats together (one of them mine!) which apparently he felt he deserved because he had checked in first, having been at the airport 4 hours earlier..... I am sure I could not have been as polite and smiling with such an awkward customer - perhaps this is the Qatari way?

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