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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vodafone: The first 1000

I have just signed up to be one of the first thousand customers on Vodafone's first 1000 offer

I normally let the others make the first leap and then evaluate their experiences (I let friends try out Qtel's Mozaic Offer before joining them). However, in what seems a particularly good deal Vodafone are offering QAR 700 riyals worth of calls (at least that's how I interpret it - they 700 riyals worth of value) for just QAR70. 

It will also be a good chance to assess them - will they come up with any sneaky ways to limit the use of that (use within a month e.t.c.) or will they be as straight as everyone is hoping?

Certainly with the disenchantment many customers have with Qtel, Vodafone has a golden opportunity to win loyal customers, even despite the disadvantage of coming against a well established competitor. 

Let's hope they make the most of that opportunity!