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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aliens in Qatar Again???

Rumours of strange hobbit like creatures located in Qatar have been circulating round the blogosphere.

This picture was published by Cryptomondo:

hobbit-like creatureThis was not the first strange picture to have originated in Qatar, the blogger pointed out. On the same post was this strange creature, found on the camera of a semi-devoured caver:

Scary alien
As always there will be those who scoff, those who do not believe. Yet this is not the only strange thing to have come out of Qatar.

Last November, at the opening of the Islamic Museum, we noticed something strange about a Qatar photo, which we pointed out in our post famous visitors. Here's the picture again:

ET in the moon.At first all appears normal in this photo by Ammar - but have a close look at the unusually large moon in the background...

Now it looks as if aliens are back again. We can only speculate that they are interested in Qatar's huge petrochemical reserves, which could easily be used to power a spaceship to the next galaxy.

Could this be the real reason for the huge American base here? To protect the world against an alien invasion?

Only time will tell...

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