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Friday, August 14, 2009

Qatar Scientist Invents Air-Conditioned Jacket

According to the Qatar Times - a newspaper that claims to cover the stories that other newspapers miss - a Qatar scientist has invented the world's first air conditioned jacket.

You can see the jacket to the left - being shown prior to being attached to its air-conditioning unit.

While we respect the Qatar Times awesome reporting, we would like to point out that a less cumbersome version has already been invented and is use in the British Army.

The newspaper clipping is shown below, and once again we have typed out the whole article for those of you with text browsers.

A newspaper clipping from the Qatar Times

A Qatar scientist, always innovative in terms of inventions (it is currently ranked 192 worldwide in the world's inventiveness rankings), has come up with the world's first air-conditioned jacket.

"Early Qatar dress made clever use of loose folds to funnel air along the inside of robes, cooling the interior regions. What we are doing with the air-conditioned jacket is building on this, but in a way which wastes a lot more energy," said the scientist in charge.

The jacket consists of a normal coat with an air-conditioning unit sown into the back of it.

Dr F. Ool, who is also responsible for the terraforming of Qatar's desert landscape and for the currently under development Qatar Snow City, explained that there were several ways to power the jacket:

"The device can be hooked up to the cigarette lighter of a landcruiser via a long lead - obviously this mean the wearer can not go far, but it is still perfect for a desert picnic. However, currently this method invalidates the warranty, as several explosions decapitated early users of the jacket...fortunately, they were not Qatari.

"Therefore we have come up with a second way to power the device - filling the fuel tank with high octane used burger oil, and the Qatari fast food chain Mc Abdulla have already agreed to provide this free to customers who can complete their ten burgers in ten minutes challenge."

For those who do not have access to high octane used burger oil, the jackets can be refuelled with jet fuel at Qatar Airport.

So far only ten jackets have been purchased, and it is thought the 100 kilogramme weight of the jacket is deterring potential customers.

"Future versions will be mounted on wheels, with a motor and joystick attached so that the wearer has the added benefit of not having to walk," said Dr Ool.

Professor E. Safty, clothing development and safety engineer at Qatar's clothes hamlet, said:

"This could never have been invented in the West - Trading Standards would have put a stop to it as soon as the first decapitations had taken place."

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