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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Images of Ramadan - Qatar Photo Competition Update

We've put together a few of the images submitted so far in our Ramadan Photography Competition. In our opinion all of these images contain some of the spirit of Ramadan.

Note - this list was not compiled by our judge, so the winning images may be quite different.

Moments of Prayer

by Bridge Alkayde

The different stages of prayer are caught in this superb image.
Holy Book
by Eman Zainudeen

A child raises the Koran to her lips in an act of devotion.
Ramadhan Dove

Image by Alan Holden

A dove is caught in profie against a sinking sun - over the pinnacle of a mosque.

Prayer in the Mountains

by Anindya Prithwish

A man raises his hands in prayer against the backdrop of a snowy mountain.
Ramadan Profile

by Fatim Alalawi

A girl is profiled against a backdrop of blue, her head bent over a Koran.
Click here for a larger image.

Prayer of Religion

by Isa Ebrahim

A boy kneels in prayer on the floor of a mosque.

by Hussain Khalaf

Studying the Koran in a mosque.

Bedouins pray in the Desert.

by Aurelie Korady

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