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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

An Interview With Vodafone

We were recently fortunate to talk to the CEO of Vodafone, Grahame Maher, about why Vodafone came to Qatar, how they are doing here - and how they see themselves as measuring up to Qtel.

Grahame goes fairly easy on Qtel, although he does argue that the company was too slow to respond to impending competiton and that the company's promotions only benefit a portion of their customers.

He also implies that Qtel's billing system is unclear, and that customers feel tricked after receiving large bills.

Of course, Grahame is unashamedly baised against Qtel, but we'll be happy to offer Qtel a similar interview if they are interested. (If there are any Qtel people reading this you can get us on admin@qatarvisitor.com :) )

Click here to read a summary of the interview or here to read the full interview.

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