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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bahrain GP Preview

A preview of the Bahrain Formula One. Click here to check out tickets and tours.

In just over a month the glamour of F1 arrives in Bahrain again. So what is new for this year?

No Refueling

The major change this year is that no refueling is allowed, meaning the cars have to carry fuel for the entire race and hence need larger fuel tanks. In these cars, no space is wasted, so bigger fuel tanks means bigger cars.

Size Matters

Some cars, such as the Ferrari, have been made longer and this affects their handling. In addition, the driver has to remember the extra length. As Massa said, "I mustn't turn in too soon after overtaking". Other cars are higher or wider and this could affect their aerodynamics.

First Test

Last week saw the 2010 cars emerge from their garages for the first time in Barcelona, Spain. While it is too early to judge form, Ferrari topped the lap times throughout, first with Massa and then with Alonso beating Massa's time.

"El Kaiser" Returns

Michael Schumacher (or "El Kaiser" as the Spanish press call him) posted a very respectable 3rd place on his first showing since his return from "retirement".

Surprise Second

More surprising was the second quickest time of the day by De La Rosa in the Sauber. This was his first outing for his new team after languishing as a test driver for MacLaren for several years. Plus Sauber have a new engine deal as BMW pulled out after their poor showing last year. They are also looking out for new sponsers.

Williams F1

How about Williams, Qatar's "local" team? (See our Williams in Qatar article on Qatarvisitor.com). Well, sadly, they didn't make much of a showing here but it's early days, they have two new drivers and a new engine supplier, so lets see how they do in Jerez.

The rain in Spain falls mainly in..........Jerez!

Testing here starts on Wednesday, 10th February. At the moment it looks as if there will be rain for some of the time. That should make things interesting! Your racing correspondent will be there.

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