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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Flowers: The Thrifty Alternative

As Valentine's Day approaches, many of us men will be groaning as we reach deep into our pockets to buy some of Qatar's extremely expensive flowers.

The flowers are beautifully arranged, and, if carefully chosen, can last more than a week. But with a standard bouquet in Villagio costing QAR150 ($41), they're not cheap.

Viilagio bouqet

There is an alternative - at least if you are happy to get live potted plants rather than the cut ones which will shrivel up and die in the next ten days.

Head to Doha's Omani market (by the wholesale markets on Salwa Road) and you'll find a large range of plants.

Many of them are in flower.

Prices are a fraction of those of cut flowers, starting at QAR1, with many other flowers available for QAR2 and QAR1.5.

This being the market, of course, these price are before bargaining. Buy a few plants and you'll certainly be able to bargain yourself a discount - and spread some colour in your living room!

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