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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Driving Licence Points - and how people are escaping them

In the last couple of years police have got tough on driving offences in Qatar.

It's now very easy to get points on your licence, and you get points for relatively mild offences such as parking.

(In Qatar you can get done for parking even where there are no no-parking signs on the road - as happened to Amnesia from I Love Qatar - so be careful.)

Some people have reacted positively - one Qatari lady tells me she now drives very carefully after receiving points and a huge fine as a result of driving through a red light while speaking on her mobile phone.

Of course, it's obvious to everyone that the laws have made no difference to some drivers on the road.

But get 15 points and you lose your driving licence.

So how are people managing?

One Qatari explained to me.

"When you get close to 15 points, you just ask your friend, or your brother, or your cousin to go and take the points for you.

"As for myself, I haven't got any points on my license at all."

"You must be very careful," I said.

"Yes. I know a man from Pakistan who will take points for 50 riyals each. He has taken all my points."

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