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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Qatar's New Football Stadiums

Qatar's World Cup Bid

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Qatar's world cup bid is heating up, and after talking to the editor of our sister site Soccerphile it looks as they have a real chance of winning this time.

"There's never been a world cup in the Middle East, and the powers that be think it would be a good idea," he told me.

He may be correct, with no less than FIFA president stating that the Arab World deserves a world cup.


In preparation for their bid, Qatar have announced the construction of three futuristic new stadiums, and a visually spectacular preview of what they will look like (see movie below).

The new stadiums will be built in Al Shamal , in the North of Qatar close to Al Ruweis, in Al Khor and in Al Wakra.

The country also plans to rebuild the stadiums in Al Gahraffa and Al Rayyan.

The plans for the stadiums followed last years announcement that Qatar would build the world's first underground football stadium to accommodate 60,000 spectators.


The new stadiums will be the first airconditioned outside stadiums - but not at a sacrifice to the environment.

Utilising solar power, carbon zero cooling equipment will ensure that the temperature is never more than 27 degreess celsius.

With the money to finance the project, the ambition and drive to carry it through and support from FIFA the country could very well become the first in the Arab World to host a world cup.

Qatar Stadium's Movie

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