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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Qatar schools

This page is now out of date. For a more up-to-date and comprhensive database of schools see our webpage: Qatar Schools

Also see Further Education in Qatar.

Primary and secondary school education in Qatar is currently in a state of flux. There are currently two bodies controlling education in Qatar: The Ministry of Education and The Supreme Education Council.

The Supreme Education Council is slowly taking over from the Ministry of Education, and is currently establishing privately managed Independent schools. Many of these schools have better equipment and resources than the Ministry of Education schools, which also suffer from discipline problems.

The independent schools currently teach some subjects in Arabic, and, in theory at least, other subjects in English. There are problems caused by the different levels of English of the teachers, whose proficiency can range from basic to native speaker. The Supreme Education Council is investing heavily in training its teachers, and hopes to move completely to English over the next five years.

Most expatriate children go to private schools, and Qatar offers both a lot of choice and very good value for money with education.

List of private schools in Qatar

Below we’ve included a list of some of the schools available in Qatar. This list is by no means all-inclusive.

Al-Jazeera Academy
Contact details: Tel: +974 469 3777 Fax: +974 4682555
Email: registrar@aja.edu.qa
Website: www.aja.edu.qa
Comprises 4 schools:
Early Learning Centre (pre-school and reception)
the Primary School (years 1-6)
the secondary girls school (years 7-13)
the secondary boys school (years 7-13)
Curriculum: International primary school, IGCSE for secondary school with option to follow IB diploma or Cambridge International Diplomas.

Cedars Tuturing programme
Contact details: +974 4688192/ 583 0165
Location: off Al Afnan Street between Salwa Road and Haloul Street

Offers additional tutoring, bridging programmes and intensive English courses to prepare students for English language schools

Compass International School
Contact details: Tel: +974 487 7445 Fax: +974 487 7446
Email: info@cisdoha.org
Address: PO Box 23479
Ages taught: 4-12 (with plans to raise the upper age limit to 18)
Location: Waab Al Abareeq Street in Al Gharaffa (close to Education city)
Website: http://www.cisdoha.org/index.htm

The school is owned and operated by WCLS group (http://www.greatlearning.com/).

Doha British Montessori School
Contact details: Tel: +974 4445955/66 Fax: +974 4445977
Email: info@doha-montessori.com
Website: www.doha-montessori.com
Location: Al Soudan Roundabout
Address: PO Box 6142, Doha, Qatar
Ages taught: currently years reception – year 8 (years 9 and 10 from September 2007)
Curriculum: National Curriculum for England and Wales

Doha College
Contact details: Tel: +974 468 7379 Fax: +974 4685720
Email: Primary school: enquiriesprimary@dohacollege.com
Secondary school: enquiries@dohacollege.com
Website: www.dohacollege.com
Address: Doha College P.O. Box 7506 Doha Qatar
Location: On the new E ring road, near Qatar decoration roundabout on Salwa Road.
Teaches from primary to secondary school
Sponsored by the British Embassy

Doha English Speaking School
Contact details: Tel +974 487 0170 Fax +974 4875921
Email: dess@qatar.net.qa
Website: www.dess.org
Address: PO Box 7660, Doha, Qatar
Ages taught: 3-10
Location: Near TV roundabout
Curriculum: National Curriculum of England
Facilities include: covered swimming pool, music room, sporting facilities and playing field.

Doha Modern Indian School (Gems managed)
Contact details: Tel: +974 4583121/122 Fax: +974 4583124
Email: dmis@qatar.net.qa
Website: http://www.dpsmisdoha.com/DPSDoha/
Address: PO box 47391, Doha, Qatar
Location: Abu Hamour, close to the Pakistani School
Curriculum: CBSE syllabus

Park House English School
Contact details: Tel: +974 4633800 Fax: +974 4583785
Email: phes@qatar.net.qa
Website: www.parkhouseschool.com
Address: PO Box 22215, Doha, Qatar
Location: Wholesale Market Street
Ages taught: Primary School 3-11 years old
Comprehensive School Year 7-12 (check ages)
Curriculum: Follows English and Welsh National Curriculum
Facilities include science labs, I.T. suites, auditorium, heated swimming pool and sports facilities including football pitch.

Qatar Academy
Contact details: Tel +974 482 6666 Fax: +974 480 2769
Address: PO Box 1129, Doha, Qatar
Email: qataracademy@qf.org.qa
Website: www.qataracademy.edu.qa
Address: PO Box 1129, Doha, Qatar
Location: Education city
Includes primary and secondary school.
Curriculum: international baccalaureate.
Features include: science labatories and art studios, 250 seat auditorium, library-media centre, 50m Olympic swimming pool and training pools + multi gym.

Qatar International School (British run)
Contact details: Tel: +974 4833456 Fax: +974 4831096
Email: info@qis.org
Website: www.qis.org
Address: P.O.Box 5697, Doha, Qatar
Location: Dafna West Bay Area of Qatar next to French School and new Lebanese School
Teaches ages 2 ½ - 17
Teachers: U.K. trained
Facilities include: swimming pool and sports facilities

The American School of Doha
Contact details: Tel +974 4421377 Fax: +974 4420885
Email: info@asd.edu.qa
Address: PO Box 22090, Doha, Qatar
Location: SW Quadrant, Al Rayyan/Al Sudan District, E ring road
Teachers: Include U.S., Canadian, Latin American, European and Arabic Teachers
Teaches from elementary to high school.

The Cambridge School for boys and girls
Contact Details: Tel: +974 4696590/ 4690520 Fax: +974 4699278
Email: cambridge@qatar.net.qa
Website: http://www.cambridgeschool.com.qa/contact/default.htm
Ages taught: 3-18
Curriculum: National Curriculum for England and Wales
Location: Al Madeed Street, Mamoura Area

The Gulf English School
Contact Details: Tel: +974 486 5367/ 487 3865 Fax: 4861256
Email: info@gulfenglishschool.com
Website: www.gulfenglishschool.com
Address: PO Box 2440, Doha, Qatar
Location: Al Gharaffa Street
Ages taught: 3-18
Curriculum: International baccalaureate, Arabic and Islamic studies included
Facilities include bus and swimming pools.

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