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Friday, March 30, 2007

Further education in Qatar

For an updated version of this post see the Further Education in Qatar section of our website.

(Also see Qatar schools.)

Further Education in Qatar has been developing rapidly in recent years, and foreign students are often welcome. Qatar University is the oldest institution, having been established in 1973 with 150 initial students. Since that time it has expanded greatly: in 2002 there 8,621 students, the majority of whom were women.

In addition, Qatar has invited a number of western institutions to set up highly specialized campus branches in Qatar, a number of which are based in Doha’s 2,500-acre Education City. Standards in many of these institutions are high, with often only a small number of places available and high entry requirements. Many of these newer universities are currently extending their activities to research.

Carnegie Mellon University
Website: www.qatar.cmu.edu

Carnegie Mellon, the Pennsylvanian based university, offers degrees in computer sciences and business. Students of any nationality can apply.

Contact details
Tel: +974 492 8260 Fax: +974 492 8255
Email: Admissions: ug-admission@qatar.cmu.edu
Recruitment: qatar-resume@qatar.cmu.edu
Address: c/o Qatar Foundation
P.O. Box 24866, Doha, Qatar

Calgary University: Faculty of Nursing in Qatar
Website: www.ucalgary-qatar.ca

Qatar's newest institute (opening at the start of May 2007), this Canadian University provides nursing education and research in collaboration with Hamed Medical Corporation.

CHN Institute
Website: www.chninstitute.com
Location: CHN University Campus

CHN institute is affiliated with CHN university in Holland and Qatar (see below). It provides language courses for individual students, and tailor made courses, research and consulting to corporate clients.

Contact details:
Tel: +974 4878288
Fax: +974 4871764
Email: admin@chninstitute.com

CHN university
Website: www.chn.nl/qatar
Location: Al-Jeleait Street, Bin Omran

You can’t miss this Dutch administered university – it’s located in a fort-like building at the back of Hamad Hospital and the Athletes Village. CHN university offers both degrees and MA’s in tourism and hospitality.

Contact details:
Phone +974 – 4888116/ 4888126
Fax +974 4888136
Email: chnsecretary@qatar.net.qa
Address: P.O. Box 36037, Doha, Qatar

College of the North Atlantic, Qatar
Website: www.cna-qatar.com

CNA,Q is a Canadian run technical college administered by the College of the North Atlantic, Canada. Programs include business studies, engineering technology and information technology. Part time courses are also available.

Main campus:
Location: 68 Al Tarafa, Duhail North, (Next to Qatar University)

Contact details
Telephone No. +974 4952222
Fax No. +974 4952200
Email: info@cna-qatar.edu.qa
Address: P. O. Box 24449, Doha, Qatar Doha, Qatar

Rayyan Campus:
Location: Al Forousiya Road
Opposite Horse Race Track

Contact details:
Telephone No. +974 4825555
Fax No. +974 4825500
Email: info@cna-qatar.edu.qa
Address: P. O. Box 24449, Doha, Qatar

Georgetown University
Website: www3.georgetown.edu/sfs/qatar
Location: Liberal Arts and Science (LAS) Building - Education City

George Town university offers a four year bachelor of Sciences degree in foreign services. While all suitable students will be considered, George Town anticipates that the majority of students will be recruited from English language international schools in the region.

Contact details (admissions):
Phone: +974 492 7652
Fax: +974 482 6868
Email: SFSQadmissions@georgetown.edu
Address: P.O. Box 23689, Doha, Qatar

Qatar Aeronautical College
Website: www.qac.edu.qa/
Location: Ras Abu Aboud

Qatar Aeronautical College offers courses in Air Traffic Control, Engineering, Pilot Training and English Language.

Contact details:
Phone: +974 4408888
Fax: +974 4357034
Email: qacadmn@qatar.net.qa
Address: P O Box 4050, Doha, Qatar

Qatar University
Website: www.qu.edu.qa
Location: In West Bay area, close to the Golf Club.

Qatar University offers a foundation course and programs in engineering, education, law, sharia, Business and Economics and Arts and Sciences. Of particular to interest to expatriates might be Arabic for non-native speakers, offering a years program consisting of three four-month semesters. Its Sharia college is moderate; its former dean has spoken out against the use of the veil, and argued that Muslims should be allowed to join in festivities at Christmas, while its current dean is a women.


- Associate Vice-President for Student Affairs
Phone: +974 485-6633
Fax: +974 485-1704
E-mail: stdaffairs@qu.edu.qa

- External Relations Office
Phone: +974 485-2331
Fax: +974 483-7742
E-mail: ccer@qu.edu.qa

Alternatively, email admin@qu.edu.qa.

University Address: PO Box 2713

For admissions see the individual colleges on Qatar Universities website..

Texas A&M University at Qatar
Website: www.qatar.tamu.edu
Location: Education City

Texas A&M university currently has approximately 200 students and around 48 members of staff – pretty small compared to the 45,00 students it has enrolled in its home country! In Qatar the university focuses on engineering programs, offering degrees in chemical, electrical, mechanical and petroleum engineering. Admission is open to international students, and competition for places is highly competitive.

Contact details:
Phone: +974 492 7369
Fax: +974 492 7177
Email: info@qatar.tamu.edu
PO Box 23874, Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 492 7377
email: admission@qatar.tamu.edu

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
Website: www.qatar.vcu.edu
Location: Qatar Foundation

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, a branch university of VCU School of the Arts in Richmond, Virginia, offers a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design, fashion design or interior design. Admission is open to non-Qatari students.

Contact details
Phone: +974 492 7200/ 492 7328
Email: vcuqadmissions@qatar.vcu.edu

Weill Cornell Medical College
Website: www.qatar-med.cornell.edu
Location: Education City

Weill Cornell Medical College is administered by the American Cornell College. In Qatar it offers a 6 year medical program consisting of a 2-year pre-medical program followed by a four year medical program, culminating in a Cornell Md degree. Up to 60 students are admitted, and while priority will be given to Qatari students who meet the strict admission criteria other nationalities will also be considered.

Contact details:
Tel: +974 492 8000
Fax: +974 492 8444
Email: admissons@qatar-med.cornell.edu

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