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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Predicted increase in rents

A real estate firm has predicted that the price of rents in Qatar will increase. Reg Barichievy, general manager of a real estate firm in Qatar, believes that there will two years of rent rises before there is any fall. Qatar Journal mentions that many Qatar Living readers are sceptical.

These things are notoriously difficult to predict, and I am certainly not brave enough to guess what's going to happen. It is interesting, though, that a recent article reported that some landlords were holding on to empty apartments rather than accepting lower rents, which suggests rents are already too high.

Huge building has been continuing in Doha suggesting that the supply of property is going to increase. Silmutaneously, there seems a distinct possibility of a global slow-down with the sub-prime morgage crisis in America and a shortage of credit around the world. Perhaps Reg believes that the huge predicted growth in Qatar's gas output will innure Qatar to these factors. If he has right, we could see yet more long term Doha residents leave the country.

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