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Monday, November 07, 2011

Calling Qatar from abroad

If you're on a business trip or changed residence to Qatar, you might be in need of calling your friends and family back home. If you’re using a landline, mobile or more affordable version, a prepaid calling card, here are the codes you need to remember:
- 011 – this code must be dialed first for all international calls originating from the US
- 974 – dial the country code for Qatar
- Phone number – without any added prefixes, an 8 digit number for any region including Doha

For calling landlines in Qatar, use the following codes:
- 011 + 974 + 44 XXX XXX

For calling cell phones in Qatar, use the following sequence:
- 011 + 974 + XX XXX XXX

Qatar Calling Cards

Monday, April 25, 2011

Qataris and their thoughts on the World Cup 2022

New on the QatarVisitor website: We ask Qataris how they feel about the World Cup 2022. See Qatar 2022: Hopes and Fears.

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doha Cupcake Competition: The Winner

Last month Shabina Khatri reviewed ten of the top cupcake eateries in town.

And we asked readers to choose their favourite via a poll on the Doha News site.

Cupcakes from Tasmeem.

The winner, with almost 60% of the total vote, was Tasmeem.

Tasmeem have also very kindly supplied both the winner and two runners up with vouchers.

(The prize money we had put aside will now go towards Shabina's next article - all that eating can get expensive!)

View the full voting results on Doha News.

For more food related articles from Shabina, see her article Cheap Eats around Doha.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Qatar Cupcake Heaven

Swirls of multi-coloured cream decorate the top of these cupcakes!
New on QatarVisitor.com: Qatar Cupcake Heaven! Shabina reviews the best cupcake cafes in Qatar, provides a feast of cupcake pictures and pinpoints their location on a map. PLUS pick your favourite cupcake cafe in our poll and you could win a visit to your favourite cupcake cafe - courtesy of QatarVisitor.com! Click here to get started.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Qatar Stadiums - Will they do the job?

A road leads into Qatar's Khalifa Stadium.

In the latest article on QatarVisitor.com Mike Tuckerman looks at Qatar's stadiums.

In the 2022 World Cup the stadiums will have to protect both players and audience from summer temperatures which can reach a searing 50+ degrees. It's a tall order, but one that Qatar thinks it can manage - with a little help from some artificial cloud.

Click here for the full story: Qatar Stadiums.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

A New Way to Keep Up With Qatar News

Qatar is hitting the headlines at the moment.

Qatar is supporting the rebels in Libya, but the government in Bahrain. Al Jazeera has been challenged in it role of supporting freedom in the Middle East (and its assertions of editorial independence) after also supporting the Bahrain government, and Qatar jets could soon be in action over Libya.

It's not something we have covered on QatarVisitor.com, as some time ago we decided to focus on being a travel guide. So I am really glad that the excellent people from DohaNews, who supply us with a constant stream of both news and astute and funny comments on Twitter, have set up a new site focussed purely on Qatar and Qatar related news.

Check it out here: Doha News.

They have also promised to furnish us with their top stories every month, which we'll be adding to our monthly newsletter.

On a side note, I have been talking to the editor of our sister site in Japan. (Everyone involved in the site is fine, although a bit shaken up!) They have been covering the news there, and you check out their posts on the Japan Visitor blog or see this video by one of their bloggers: Tokyo Earthquake Trashed my Apartment.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cursed City

You've probably heard of Petra, the ancient city carved into the rocks of Jordan. Less well known is its sister city Madain Saleh. Built by the same civilization, the curses of the prophets and travel restrictions have put off all but the most determined visitors - which means if you are brave enough to venture there, you can have the wonders of Madain Saleh to yourself.

QatarVisitor writer David Marwood braved the curse to see the city for himself - and provide a comprehensive guide. See Madain Saleh for the complete article.

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Alzheimer's Research Blogging Competition

Alzheimer's research competition.

I am helping out this month with a writing competition to raise money for Alzheimers' Research.

You may already have been touched by Alzheimer's. Nearly half of us have a relative or friend who has the disease. Unfortunately, this number is forecast to grow rapidly in the future. One in ten of us will get the disease if we reach the age of 65, a number increasing to more than half of us by the time we are 85.

Research has already managed to produce drugs which can slow the progress of the disease. However, it is desperately underfunded, receiving just a fraction of the funds cancer research receives.

TheDisabledShop is both donating funds to research to help stop the disease, and holding a competition to raise awareness and further funds.

There are some great prizes - including life pro-membership of popular blogging forum MyBlogGuest and a free c-commerce store from BigCommerce. But the best reason to get involved is to help defeat Alzhzeimer's. To learn more about the competition or to get involved click here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dating in Qatar

In Qatar Dating Ola Deyab looks at the forbidden practice of dating before marriage in Qatar. It's an issue that's considered a taboo in this conservative Muslim country, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. See Qatar Dating for the complete article.

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

World Cup 2022: Lessons from the Asian Cup 2011

In the latest article on QatarVisitor.com Michael Tuckerman, fresh back in Australia after covering the Asian Cup, sits back and reviews how Qatar handled the cup - and what it means for the World Cup 2011. See World Cup 2022: Lessons from the Asian Cup for the full story.

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Breaks in Dubai

Dubai is a hugely popular tourist destination for travelers from around the world. With its massive growth in tourism there is, unsurprisingly, a fantastic number of attractions and entertainment even to just fill a weekend. And with daily flights to Dubai available from a variety of British airports, you can easily find quick and cheap travel to this gleaming city in the Middle East.

If you are looking at just visiting Dubai for a weekend then you should be well prepared for what you want to do so that you can get the most from this destination. For lovers of shopping there is no better way to spend a day than visiting some of Dubai’s best malls and retail locations. The Emirates Mall is one of the area’s best known malls, hosting a huge number of shops in an extravagantly built and beautifully decorated setting. This is also the location of Dubai’s famed inside ski slope, so if you want a break from shopping, a quick slalom down a real snow slope is a memorable attraction to enjoy. If you prefer to visit some traditional markets then there is no better option than to take a river taxi through Dubai to the souk’s, where the gold, spice, and perfume markets are a great place to shop and immerse yourself in culture.

For trips to Dubai where you want to enjoy the sunny skies and exotic climate there is nothing better than spending the day outdoors. In the heart of Dubai is Wild Wadi’s, the region’s biggest water park with more than enough rides, pools, and loungers to entertain anyone with a full day out. Meanwhile, with extensive coastline, Dubai’s beaches offer a great way to relax and escape the city. In addition to this the sea is the perfect remedy, floating on the waves and staring at the sky will give you many blissful hours.

As evening falls in Dubai it is the perfect time to take opportunity of the many pubs, clubs, and discotheques available. Most of the multistory hotels offer their own pubs and bars for both guests and visitors to enjoy, though the drinking regulations are tight in the emirate, make sure to keep your passport with you for proof of age. Whilst you can stay in the city, it’s also nice to venture out to some of the desert resorts which have luxurious restaurants and cocktail lounges that are surrounded by landscaped gardens leading to rolling desert. And if you want to dance all night there are a multitude of clubs in the city including Oxygen, Buddha Bar, Kasbar, and the newly refurbished Zinc.

There is a huge amount to do in Dubai, so much so that you may well start to plan your next break to this vibrant city as soon as you get home. With flights to Dubai readily accessible to the thriving metropolis, whether you’re visiting for a couple of days or a long weekend, no matter what you explore you’ll return home feel refreshed, relaxed and inspired by the treats that Dubai has in store.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New on QV: Gulf Decision Means Death for Thousands

vaping an electronic cigarette

New on Qatar Visitor - we discuss with a scientists the likely impact of the GCC decision on the electronic cigarette, a decision which could lead to the death of thousands of Middle East smokers. See GCC Decision Will Mean Death For Thousands of Smokers for the full story.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Warning: Job Scam Alert

We hid all comments on QatarVisitor.com yesterday.

Here's why.

Job seekers have been leaving their email addresses and other contact details on our website and on other websites and forums.

Scam agencies and companies have been contacting them.

One of these companies pretended to be a major Qatar company. They asked for money, and job seekers gave it to them.

They never heard from the company together. They only realised the request was a lie and a scam when they contacted the real company.

These people have lost their money. Hopefully, you haven't yet.

Please remember the following :

  • Most companies do not ask for money from job seekers. Large companies are very unlikely to.
  • If you receive an email from a free email address, be suspicious. An email from a large company should end in the domain name.
  • Be aware that when you post your details online you increase the risk of being contacted by a scam company.
  • No-one from Qatar Visitor will ask you for money (unless you want to advertise with us, of course!)
For more information, check out our tips on avoiding job scams.

And, if you are a Qatar job seekers, please be careful!

Monday, January 31, 2011

How to get a Qatar 2022 World Cup Job!

The 2010 World Cup was estimated to have created in the region of 160,000 jobs.

With 50 billion waiting to be invested, a new bridge to be built, the Doha Metro to be created along with new hotels, roads and stadiums, we think the Qatar 2022 World Cup could create even more!

In our latest articles on the website, we look at both the job opportunities created by the 2022 World Cup, and share 9 tips for finding them!

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egyptian protests in Qatar

Never thought I would see chanting protestors in Qatar - but they are here! Although they are not protesting against Qatar but against the Egyptian government. Kudos on Qatar for allowing the demonstration to proceed.

Here's a video taken by Sean Burns, a lecturer at North Western:

You can read more in an amusing article on the Huffington Post by Anne Peterson: Egyptian protests extend to Qatar.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ANZBIQ Australia and Waitangi Day: Queensland Flood Relief BBQ

This has been sent in by a reader:

I have been asked to let Doha know about this event to raise funds for the Australia flood appeal.

This year’s ANZBIQ Australia and Waitangi Day BBQ will be a benefit relief for the victims of the recent Queensland floods.

The benefit will take place at the Grand Hyatt – Hotel Garden on 3rd Feb 2011 from 7pm to 12pm. Tickets will be QR 220 for adults and QR 110 for children (under 6 are free) which will include a Grand Buffet dinner with live cooking stations with an Australian and New Zealand theme, drinks and a live jazz band.

Grand Hyatt, Qatar Airways and Vodafone will be sponsoring the events and have donated some great items for our silent auction including return flights to Melbourne, Iphones, blackberries, a weekend stay at the Grand Hyatt, dinner vouchers and more.

It’s a great way to give something back to those affected by the floods.

This event is open to all so please spread the word to the community at large.

It will be a great event.

Please book your place directly with the restaurant at Grand Hyatt on 448 1240

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The secret identities of Qataris online

Blogging from behind a mask...

Qatar is a strict society, which can exert strong pressure on people - especially women - to behave in a certain way.

Which is perhaps why Qatar residents are taking to social networks in their thousands to express themselves in a way they can't do offline. And to preserve their new-found social freedom, many of them are doing it in secret.

In our latest article, Ola talks to some of the Qataris and Qatari residents who are using manufactured online identities to say things and behave in a way they would never do in their real lives.

Although for some, their online lives already feel more real than their offline ones...

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Asian Cup 2011

The 2011 Asian Cup kicked off with a spectacular opening ceremony and then the opening match Qatar vs Uzbekistan.

Unfortunately for the hosts, Qatar lost 2-0 in a poor game and many supporters were heading for the car park long before the end of the match.


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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Qatar Visa Update: Visa on arrival for GCC residents

The first class lounge at Doha Airport

Some GCC residents can get visa upon arrival in Qatar. Exactly who can get these visas depends on their job and the designation of their visa. For example, a a doctor would be granted a visa while a labourer would be refused one.

One of the questions we frequently get is just who is allowed into the country. Handily, the Qatar government has now published a list of allowed proffessions, which we have reproduced below.

Visa upon arrival will cost you QAR100, and the visa will be valid for one month. The visa can be extended at the end of each month with payment of additional fees, up to a total of three extra months.

To get the visa you must have a passport valid for at least another 6 months and possess a return ticket. Please remember visa regulations can change suddenly, and always check with your travel agent/airline before you come to Qatar.

For more information about visas to Qatar click here.

List of proffessions who can get visa upon arrival in Qatar:

1. Aquatic specialist

2. Statistics specialist

3. Agricultural specialist

4. Gardening specialist

5. Medical analysis specialist

6. Speech specialist

7. Breeding specialist (animals/birds/bees)

8. Medical X-ray specialist

9. Nutrition specialist

10. Zoology specialist

11. Psychiatrist

12. Lab specialist

13. Sports medicine specialist

14. Sociologist

15. X-Ray specialist

16. Media specialist

17. Customs specialist

18. Medical therapy specialist

19. Writer

20. University professor

21. Media person

22. Secretary or director of library

23. Staffs at embassies in GCC (except support services jobs)

24. Archeological researcher

25. Administrative researcher

26. Legal researcher

27. Professor

28. Trader

29. Geologist

30. Quantity enumerator

31. Referee (sports)

32. Finance/Economics expert

33. Law expert

34. Information Systems expert

35. Diplomat (Members of diplomatic corps)

36. President/CEO

37. President or director of a university

38. Chief Justice

39. Head of Prosecution

40. President or director of a club

41. Weather expert

42. Earthquakes expert

43. Captain of Ship/Cruise/Carrier/Steamship

44. Businessman

45. Religious person

46. Architectural draftsman

47. Business lady

48. Executive secretary

49. Journalist

50. Pharmacist

51. Jeweler

52. Army officer

53. Police officer

54. University student

55. Physician (All specialisation)

56. Surgeon (All specialisation)

57. Veterinary doctor

58. Pilot

59. Scientist

60. College dean

61. Astronomer

62. Artist (Actor, Musician, Composer, Poet, Painter, Singer…..etc)

63. Telecom technician

64. Professional security and safety technician

65. Medical equipments technician

66. Control equipments technician

67. X-ray technician

68. Dental technician (fixing)

69. Radio or TV transmission technician

70. Optical technician

71. ECG technician

72. Horse breeding technician

73. Mining technician

74. Microscopic technician

75. Geology technician

76. Well drilling technician

77. Pharmaceutical technician

78. Foodstuff technician

79. Ship maintenance technician

80. Aircraft maintenance technician

81. Train Maintenance Technician

82. Lab Technician

83. Aviation Technician

84. Physicist

85. Judge

86. Chemist (All Specializations)

87. Player (All sports items in a sports club)

88. Author

89. Computer Programmer

90. Translator

91. Accountant / Auditor

92. Lecturer

193. Lawyer / Advocate

94. Economic Analyst

95. Systems Analyst

96. Operations Analyst

97. Director

98. Customs Clearer

99. Sports Trainer

100. Aviation Trainer

101. General Professional Trainer (Industrial/Agricultural/Commercial)

102. Teacher / Instructor

103. Proofreader

104. Investment Manager

105. Archeological Director

106. Research & Studies Director

107. Insurance Manager

108. Banking business Manager

109. Production Director

110. Manager or Director of any government departments or companies

111. Administrative Manager

112. Broadcasting Manager

113. Media Manager

114. Regional Director

115. Bank Manager

116. Commercial Manager

117. Marketing Manager

118. Television Manager

119. Executive Manager / Director

120. Cooperative Society Manager

121. Accounts Manager

122. Cinema Director

123. Company or Factory Manager

124. Maintenance Manager

125. Printing and Publishing Manager

126. Hotel Manager

127. Electrical Manager

128. Finance Manager

129. Sales Manager

130. Museum Manager

131. School Manager

132. Plant Manager

133. Theatre Manager

134. Hospital Manager

135. Institute Manager

136. Library Manager

137. Laboratory Manager

138. Marine Transport Manager

139. Land Transport Manager

140. Air Transport Manager

141. Tourism Agency Manager

142. TV or Radio Programs Presenter

143. Correspondent (Newspaper/Radio/TV)

144. Food Controller

145. Aircraft Takeoff Controller

146. Maritime Controller

147. Quality Controller

148. Air Controller

149. Marine Traffic Controller

150. Media Controller

151. Road Controller

152. Aircraft Landing Controller

153. Cruise Ship Guide

154. Tourist Guide

155. Aviation Guide

156. Surveyor

157. Assistant Pharmacist

158. Co-Pilot

159. Assistant Engineer (All specializations)

160. Consultant

161. General Supervisor

162. Ships Supervisor

163. Banker

164. Decoration Designer

165. TV Cameraman

166. Cinema Cameraman

167. Press Photographer

168. Land Hostess

169. Air Hostess

170. Program Producer

171. Ship Captain

172. Aircraft Pilot

173. Male or Female Nurse

174. Cinema or Television Producer

175. Marketing Representative

176. Sports Representative

177. Sales Representative

178. Procurement Representative

179. Administration Coordinator

180. Archeological Prospector

181. Engineer (All specializations)

182. Career Counselor

183. Assistant General Manager

184. Captain

185. Commercial Broker

186. Travel or Tourism Agent

187. Prosecutor

188. Ministry Undersecretary

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Image above by Stuck in Customs

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