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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gondolas - in the desert!

Qatar may have only 80 millimetres of rainfall a year, but that doesn't stop this ambitious country from planting parks, creating golf courses - and even putting canals in their shopping malls. In this dry country, where the scorching sun can reach 50 degrees centigrade in the summer, you can swimming in chilled pools, ice-skating - and now trips on a gondola.

While you glide along the canal, enjoy the cool air blowing in your face, and the white clouds in the blue sky - even if the air is from an air-conditioner and the sky is fake! A trip up and down this canal will set you back a mere 15 riyals (4 US dollars). Enjoy!

Gondolas glide along a canal - not in Venice, but in Qatar's Villagio!

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