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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Qatar v. Australia

We attended the Qatar- Australia match in Doha this evening, along with a few thousand enthusiastic Qataris. As usual, the Qtaari supporters showed their enthusiasm with chanting, drumming and throwing thousands of small pieces of white paper in the air.

The first half of the match proved quite exciting, and the Qatari team managed to create quite a few chances. However, excellent goal keeping by the Aussies managed to keep them at bay.

Australia scored once in the first half, and then twice in rapid succession in the second half - one was disallowed. After this, the game seemed to change totally. Many supporters gave up hope and started to leave early to avoid the traffic, especially after the Australia's third (allowed) goal.

Unfortunately, we followed their example and left a few minutes before the end of the game - missing Qatar's only goal of the match!

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