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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Tourists Visa for Qatar: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways Tourist Visa:

How to Obtain a Tourist Visa via Qatar Airways

If you are not a member of Qatar's list of approved nationalities for visa on arrival, you can get a visa either via a hotel or via Qatar Airways. However, to get a visa with Qatar Airways, you have to book a room for your stay with a five or four star hotel. We have included a list of approved hotels below.

The hotel can be booked via Qatar Airways, with the visa fee being paid at the same time. In the event of the visa being refused (unlikely unless the person has misused a prior visa) the hotel fee will be refunded. However, the visa fee is non-refundable.

Note that this tourist visa (unlike visa upon arrival for approved nationalities) is not available for those staying with friends or families - visitors need to be booked into a hotel. However, nationalities with families will be able to come on a visit visa - see Qatar Visas for more information.

When we spoke to Qatar Airways about this, we asked about the Tourist Visa available via through Hukoomi, the Qatar Government website. The representative we spoke to said that this was essentially for families only, and also (after a little prodding) that he didn't recommend this method.

For more information about the tourist visa telephone Qatar Airways on:

+974 4496980/4496973

List of approved hotels

Details of all the hotels can be found on our Qatar Hotel Listing. We have also linked to hotels where there we have a full review available. Most of the hotels below can also be found on our Luxury Qatar Hotels Page, where we include a quick review.

Approved Qatar hotels for the Tourist Visa via Qatar Airways include:

Also see Qatar Visas on our Qatar website for more details on the tourist visa and other visas available from Qatar.

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