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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Qatar Natural History Group Launches Website

There is a new website on the Qatar net - Qatar Natural History Group has launched its own dedicated website with a sign up form for new members. There is more information about the website from the QNHG below:

QNHG Website

The main purpose of the site is to serve as a source of information and communication within the group. In the first pass it will mainly be information from the Committee to the members about future events, but also serve as a data base with archived newsletters, information on field trips and other events, our library and other types of relevant information. An additional use of the web site is for Membership sign up and registration of member email addresses on the website email system. Membership will also automatically expire at the end of September and will have to be renewed each year.

Membership Registration Instructions:

* Log on to the website and click on the "Membership Sign-up" tab.
* This will bring you to a page with instructions on the sign-up process.
* Read these instructions and click on the yellow "online application form".
* This will bring you to a page where you create your own personal account with your name and email address.
* Complete the registration form and click "create new account" to create your account.
* Upon creation you will be sent a confirmation email by the website.

Paying your Membership Dues

* You must meet up at a QNHG meeting to pay your yearly dues before your membership will be activated.
* This year we have Single Membership at 30 QAR and Dual/Family Membership at 60 QAR (please bring the right amount).

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