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Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Abaya: What Lies Beneath

A teacher-friend, when talking to a class of Qatari ladies, tried to explain the word traditional with reference to the ladies' Abayas.

They were not amused.

Eyes behind the veilImage by Ayam Hassan

The innocent teacher was besieged by a barrage of protest - in reality, they insisted, they were extremely fashionable.

A look around, whether in a souq or a shopping mall, soon reveals this to be the case. The material and designs used for the Abayas are often exquisite, and many more colourful dresses for private wear are on display.

Now, in What Lies Beneath, Yousra Abdelaal takes us into the world of Qatari fashion, explaining the different Abayas available, the Qatari sense of fashion - and, of course, what women like to wear below the Abaya.

Image by Ayham Hassan

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