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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Qatar Internet:What's happening on the Qatar web...

I stumbled across TwitterHolic.com's Qatar page, which lists twitter users in Qatar, and ranks them by the number of 'followers' they have. Julie Lindsey wins on that score with 1,179 followers! 

On Qatar Living Brit Expat mentioned something that initially confused me when I first arrived - what is the difference between Premium and Super petrol? Both names suggest a superior level of quality. (In fact, Super is the higher octane fuel, and charges a slightly higher price.) People have also been complaining about the slow internet connection, with Red Pope providing the BBC article on the story. 

On our own forum Ronald 25 wanted to know how cheap Qatar duty free was. My colleagues tell me it is cheaper than the shops in Doha, and that cigarettes are particularly cheap (although they are already very cheap in Qatar.) I don't know how it compares to Dubai/Bahrain airport, though. 

Outside Qatar, Green Car Congress blogs about the Q Max ship, a joint project between QP and Exxon Mobil which will use 40% energy per unit. 

Meanwhile, frustrated internet users will be happy to learn from Gulf Base that Qtel will be increasing its internet capactity by 30% over the next few months. 

We have criticised Qtel in the past, but to be fair the Qatar internet seems to have regained speed remarkably quickly Perhaps Qtel has learned lessons from the previous snapped cable episode, for Gulf Base reports that the company has managed to divert internet traffic through alternative routes. 

That's all for now - things seem quiet with many people still away on holiday.  Let us know if we have missed anything interesting!

Qatar Internet: Connecting to the Internet in Qatar