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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Qatar National Day Celebrations

I expected things to be quiet this morning, it being a holiday, but the locals were out in force, purple flags fluttering from their cars and heads sticking out of car tops.

Huge TV screens flickered on the Corniche, Arabic music blared out in the pleasant balmy sun and a regatta made the most of the pleasant weather.

Later that night we passed aspire tower, once again lit up in a blaze of colours and with more huge tv screens, presumably featuring the special National Day TV channel set up for the days events.

At nine we pulled up on the waste ground close to the recently closed Rydges hotel. We waited for an hour, admired the laser show but were finally deciding it was time to call it a day when the huge fireworks display finally went off.

National Day Fireworks
Also see: Qatar National Day on the website, or our photo stream on Flickr.

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