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Friday, December 26, 2008

Qatar World Cup?

Football mad Qatar believes it has a good chance of getting the World Cup to Qatar.

World Cup Stadium

Having obviously moved on from their failure to proceed to the next round of the Olympics, which many saw as a personal snub, the country have set their eyes on the football competition.

Possible problems

English Fans in Qatar

Qatar is a conservative Muslim country. While far more liberal than Saudi Arabia, it is hard to imagine Qataris putting up with aggressive English fans fighting, drinking and throwing up in the streets.


Qatar Accomodation has expanded massively. However, much of this is the high range, expensive accomodation - not the cheap guest-house style place many football fans will budget for.


Qatar can and will build underground football stadiums to accomodate the games. That still doesn't distract from the fact that it will be unbearably hot outside - meaning no German-style huge tv screens for those fans without tickets.

Qatar's chances...

Qatar has proved before (with the Asian Games) that it can host a big event, and host it well. However, they have some tough competition to overcome (including Australia and England) and they will have to work hard to convince Fifa they can overcome the problems above.

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