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Friday, December 19, 2008

Qatar's Yellow Pages

A Yellow Pages Directory for Qatar

A Yellow Pages for Qatar

Information at Last

Two years or so ago, when I first started writing this blog, I complained about the lack of information in Qatar.

Even as I wrote the post, one website was busy putting all the information they could find about business in Qatar onto its yellow pages site and over the past few years Qatar's new online Yellow Business Pages Directory has increasingly become an invaluable information resource for millions of people all over the world.

Business Directory

Qatcom is a directory of all the businesses in Qatar. Essentially a yellow pages, they include information such as telephone numbers and PO Boxes for 96% of the businesses in Qatar. In total, their site covers over 25,000 Qatar businesses.

When companies upgrade, something users can encourage them to do via the website, tonnes more information is added to the page - including, with the top level advert, their location on a map.

Qatcom Competition

In addition to providing, finally, a reliable source of business information, Qatcom is also running a major competition. The company is giving away a million riyals in prize money to people who sign up as a Yellow Business Pages user.

Just remember, when you win your million riyals, don't forget that you heard about the competition from the poverty stricken writers at Qatar Visitor ...

Update: You can now visit Qatcom's page on Qatar Visitor: Qatar Business Directory, or find more information about Qatar businesses on their companies page.

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