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Friday, May 22, 2009

Qtel: Pluses and Minuses

Here are two things I dislike about Qtel and one thing I like about them.

1. Spamming my phone. Why do they get to send me text messages selling me things? On the net that is called spamming. I don't get the chance to opt in or opt out of it?

2. Credit alerts. I like knowing I am running out of credit. But why do they have to tell me just as I am making an urgent call to the ambulance to come and save a man's life who has just lost his leg? And then, when I still have four riyals left in my phone, do they have to cut me off afterwards so I have to redial the number. (The ambulance said if they had got there 30 seconds earlier they could have saved the man's life. (Actually I just made all that up about the ambulance. (And yes, I'm sure 999 is toll free.)))

And one good thing - despite having control of the net in a country where internet censorship is allowed, and depite numerous rants about Qtel, they have never censored me!

You're not all bad. (I'm still switching to Vodafone, though!)

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