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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Qatar Ramadan Tents/ Iftar Buffets 2009

Dates and traditional Arabic coffeeRamadan is a great time to enjoy Arab delicacies and entertainment, even if you are not Muslim. In this post we are providing a selection of the Ramadan tents, Iftar and Sahour meals available in Qatar over Ramadan .

We will add more details of hotel packages as details drift in from the hotels. As usual, we have arranged the packages below in terms of price, with the cheapest available first.

Note: at the start of Ramadan it may be easy to get a place in a buffet, as families normally spend the first day or two at home. After that, however, it is very advisable to book well in advance.

Quick Glossary:

Iftar: The meal served at the end of the day's fasting.
Sahour: A meal normally eaten before the start of the day's fasting.
Ramadan: Month long fast, with Muslims going without food or water from dawn to dusk. See our guide to Ramadan for more information.

Ramada Hotel
Ramada is not hosting a Ramadan tent but will be having an Iftar buffet.
Price: QAR 125 per person.
Tel: +974 4281404

Movenpick Hotel
The Movenpick are not offering a tent, but do offer an international Iftar and Dinner buffet at the Seasons Restaurant.
Price: QAR 135 ++ per person
Tel: +974 429 11 11

The Marriot Hotel
The Marriot is holding a traditional Ramadan Tent at Diwan al Sultan.
Price: QAR 155 per person
Tel: +974 429 8001
Note - we have been to a Marriot Ramadan tent before and had an excellent night out (see A Night with a Whirling Dervish!)

Grand Regency

The Grand Regency will be holding Iftar and Sahour in their Al Qasr Ballroom.
Iftar: Price: QAR180 per person. Fifty percent discount for children over five, free for children under five.
Sahour: QAR 120 per person. Child discount as above.
Tel: 974-4343203

Ritz Carlton
Iftar at the Lagoon restaurant.
Price QAR190 per person (tax included)
Tel: +974 4848000

La Cigale Iftar
Iftar at la Cigalon restaurant (doesn't include Shisha.)
Discount available for groups.
Price: QAR 195 per person (includes tax and service charge).
Tel: +974 428 8888.

Sharq Village and Spa
Iftar Buffet at Al Liwan
QAR205 per person
Tel: 974 425 6666

Four Seasons
Brasserie on the beach is offering a buffet for Iftar and Sahour.
Price: QAR 215 per person
Tel: 974 494 8509

Four Seasons Arabica Ramadan Tent
Offers a place to relax after Iftar/Sahour at the Brasserie - drinks, snacks, shisha and live traditional oriental music. Individual items charged separately.
Minimum price: QAR215 per person.
Tel: 974 494 8509

Sharq Village and Spa
Ramadan Tent at Al Dasha Ballroom
QAR240 per person (sahour)
Tel: 974 425 6666

La Cigale Ramadan Tent
La Cigale's tent is located in their indoor swimming area and is accompanied by live Arab music.
Price: QAR 250 per person with discount available for groups (includes tax and service charge).
Tel: +974 428 8888.

Ritz Carlton
Sahour at the Lagoon restaurant (after 8pm), featuring a three piece band.
Price: QAR250 per person (including tax)
Tel: +974 4848000

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