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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Qatar School Term Delay - Parents Protest

Parents are in turmoil this week over a decision to move back Qatar school terms a week - and things could be about to get worse.

The decision, it appears, was taken to allow a gap between children returning to Qatar and returning to school, with the hope that anyone developing the H1N1 virus would do so before they could spread it to other children.

The announcement was made at the last possible moment, so that parents timing their arrival in Qatar with the opening of schools would not delay coming back. The announcement applies to private as well as state schools.

Predictably, this has aroused a storm of protest - many parents will be at a loss at what to do with their children during working hours, especially at such short notice.

I'm in two minds myself - I have no desire for my children to get the virus, and appreciate the reasons for delaying the school term, but then I'm one of the luckier ones - my wife doesn't work. If she did, we would be in a right mess.

I certainly have no desire to stay long into the summer so that my kids can finish the school year.

My children, I am sure, will have their own strong opinion when they are met with an injection on the first day of school - for my daughter, the first day of school ever!

Needles send them hysterical - as they do many other small children. I do not envy either the children or the teachers involved in the mass vaccination.

However, things may be about to get worse.

Rumours are that the term is about to be put back another week again.

Which would really mess many people up.

And, after the long summer holidays, may even drive my wife potty.

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