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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Messenger of Peace

A scene from the Message
A scene from the original film

During the ground breaking Tribeca festival recently held in Doha an astonishing announcement was made.

The story of Islam and the life of Mohammed, if current plans are to go ahead, are to be made into a film.

Astonishing because, according to Islamic law, neither Mohammed nor his direct family may be represented in film.

Making a film about a Mohammed without Mohammed appearing can be done. The 1970's film The Messenger managed a whole film about the Prophet without us hearing his voice or seeing his face. (His staff does, though, appear at the end, smashing the false idols in the Kaaba.)

To help them produce a film worthy of the Prophet and the huge potential audience it would have, the Qatari company commissioning it hope to enlist Barri Osbourne, who has previously worked on the Matrix and Lord of the Rings.

For our take on the film and its implications check out The Messenger meets Lord of the Rings.

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