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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

News Flash: Junk Food Good For Kids!!!

A Mac Donalds LogoBrillant news broke out from Qatar, and will cause celebrations around the world.

McDonalds is healthy - especially for children!

According to the Peninsula article, an outstanding (and, of course, independent) piece of journalism in its own right, Mc Donalds:

" is a leader in promoting healthy lifestyle for children and their happy meals are enjoyed by children and adults alike. McDonald’s always pay attention to their young customers and make sure to provide them with nutritious meals and toys to simulate their imagination, in addition to play areas for them to exercise and play. "

Here's one person who will be pleased:

An image of David SpurlockSpurlock, author of:

Cover: Fast Food and the Supersizing of America
And director of Supersize Me.

He used to think Mac Donalds was unhealthy (check out the trailer below), and will no doubt be relieved to know that the opposite is in fact the case.


Despite this revelation, many parents are still insisting on feeding their children at home, and forcing salad, vegetables and fruit down the protesting victims' throats.

Some try to force their children to appreciate the food and recipies built up in their cultures over hundreds of years.

To which we say - Shame on You!

No doubt it's parents like you who are the reason why Qatar has one of the highest rates of diabetes in the world.

Throw out the vegetables. Flush the juice down the toilet. And pack your kids into your Landcruiser and take them for a nice health meal of coke, big mac and chips.

And Ignore This Rubbish Below!

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