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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Scientology in Qatar?

Scientology has been described as a cult, its religous beliefs are based on an alien who came to earth, it has been atracked for defrauding its followers and in Britain it has been forced to register as a business rather than as a religion, with its charitable status forcibly removed.

Hubbard stall at the Book Show.
Yet the books of the person who started this religion are now on display in the book festival of Qatar, a conservative Islamic country.

Works by Hubbard.
When I asked the seller about the books, he told me that they were all pre-scientology. Not all were fiction, though, some were self-help books for children and adults.

These included the way to happiness, which according to Wikipedia is frequently given out to followers of Scientology. It's also a book which caused controvery in the US, after Scientologists attempted to distribute free copies to school children.

The way to happiness.
Also according to Wikipedia, it was published in 1980, 27 years after Scientology had started.

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