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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Travel Grove Flight Comparison Website: Review

First we should mention that this we are conducting this review in exchange for a mention in TravelGrove's newsletter. While this remains a wholly independent review, we can't help the warm fuzzy feeling that this gives us before we start.

But to business.

Travel Grove's primary function appears to be a flight comparison website offering cheap flights around the world, although it also offers vacation offers, travel advice, hot deals and other travel products.

The most important thing for us is how well the site works, so we started off the functionality of the search engine.

Flight Search

The flight search was nice and easy to use, finding the airport for us after we typed in a few letters and quickly coming up with a range of prices.

Here's a quick demo - as you can see, if you don't select the boxes from below the flight search it will only search one provider:

The search returned results from nine airlines. Were the prices any good? Well, you can judge for yourself, but $507 for the cheapest flight seemed quite good to us:

Selection of prices from Travel Grove flight search.

It seems only fair to compare Travel Grove with another flight comparison website, so we typed in flight comparison into google international and chose the top site. Unfortunately this was completely useless for Qatar residents as it will only provide flights from UK airports. There's a US site, but we got in a complete mess there as it would not let us select a date, as you can see from the movie below:

So, for Qatar residents at least, Travel Grove wins hands down there.


The design of the website is functional - I am not quite sure about the blue lines crossing the screen from the back but it is still light on the eye, while a text and image menu at the top makes navigation easy.

Picture menu from Travel Grove.
Head down and you have some advice on cheap holidays, although we felt this was a bit dense and could be broken up a bit. I can't imagine actually reading more than the first paragraph. Head further down and you get to the travel guides - we clicked on keszthely - this was much better laid out, with headings and a very easy to digest ratings section which gave you a two second overview of the city.

It was, however, crying out for some images of the place. I clicked on a couple of other guides, and a lack of images was a common theme. They did include a Qatar travel guide - the population was out of date but it changes so rapidly that you can hardly blame them for that!

To the sidebar and further down you can see the hot deals section. These are easy to scan, and offer lots of great deals, but unfortunately for Doha residents both this section and their cheap flights to London page are aimed at the American market, with all flights originating from American airports.


This is an easy to use and well laid site. It is more aimed at the American market, but remains usable for Doha residents. I haven't actually booked a flight through them (QV's budget doesn't run to that! [ED: we buy you biscuits - what are you complaining about?]), so if you have, please leave your comment below!

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