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Saturday, April 10, 2010

How To Avoid a Teaching Disaster in Qatar

In our latest article Yousra Samir, with the help of her mother, a long time Qatar teacher, gives some sterling tips on how to avoid your own cultural disaster when teaching in Qatar.

You can read the full article here: Qatar Teaching Tips.

When reading the article, I couldn't help thinking of the problems I have heard of while living in Qatar.

Inappropriate Material

One pair of teachers I heard of taught a book about the life of a street walker. (I am using a synonym here as I don't want to get blocked!)

Once caught, they couldn't understand the problem.

"But it was in the exam syllabus," they complained.

The friend who reported this thought they shouldn't have been sacked. However, my personal opinion was that anyone with such low cultural awareness probably isn't suited to Qatar.


Another person was fired for using swearwords.

I personally have more sympathy here, as it easy to lose your control for a second.

However, his use of language was reported by one of the children and he lost his job.

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