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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alcohol Receipts

Do you keep your alcohol receipts?

To be honest, I am the sort of person who loses receipts within several hours of receiving them.

But after picking up some booze for a party today and trying to beat a hasty retreat towards the exit, I was warned that perhaps I shouldn't.

"Please wait for your receipt, sir," said the polite lady on the desk.

"I don't need it," I said, imagining some impossible position where employees could claim back their booze against expenses.

"But what if the police stopped you, sir?"

"Well, I have my alcohol permit," I reassured her.

Not enough, apparently.

You should also have proof of purchase to show that you and you alone bought the alcohol.

The police are on the lookout for people who have bought their alcohol illegally - meaning you need proof of purchase, even if you have a permit.

So keep those alcohol receipts!

See Alcohol in Qatar for more information about alcohol rules and regulations in Qatar.

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