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Monday, May 10, 2010

Harrods in Qatar?

Harrods glows bright at night.
So, Qatar bought Harrods.

At a cool one point five billion it wasn't cheap - until you consider the potential of the brand in the Middle East.

It hits a number of points with the Qataris: it has huge brand awareness in the area, it's got investment potential to help them achieve their target of reducing oil dependency, and it has to be a major boost to their prestige.

The question my colleagues are bandying around at work now is whether there will be a branch of Harrods in Qatar. (And I think the answer is probably yes.)

Qataris abroad

Many Qatars go abroad with one objective in mind - to shop.

One lady told me that when she went to London and Paris she would even take her cook with here. She would stay at her apartment in each city and always eat at home.

One wonders if the attraction of travelling would diminish as shopping around the world grows ever more homogenous.

Already you can see most big British brands in Villagio.

Although, with heat in the summer hitting 50 degrees, I don't think British retailers need to worry just yet.

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Image above by SoNewFangled
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