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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Warning: Job Scam Alert

We hid all comments on QatarVisitor.com yesterday.

Here's why.

Job seekers have been leaving their email addresses and other contact details on our website and on other websites and forums.

Scam agencies and companies have been contacting them.

One of these companies pretended to be a major Qatar company. They asked for money, and job seekers gave it to them.

They never heard from the company together. They only realised the request was a lie and a scam when they contacted the real company.

These people have lost their money. Hopefully, you haven't yet.

Please remember the following :

  • Most companies do not ask for money from job seekers. Large companies are very unlikely to.
  • If you receive an email from a free email address, be suspicious. An email from a large company should end in the domain name.
  • Be aware that when you post your details online you increase the risk of being contacted by a scam company.
  • No-one from Qatar Visitor will ask you for money (unless you want to advertise with us, of course!)
For more information, check out our tips on avoiding job scams.

And, if you are a Qatar job seekers, please be careful!